Salem G-Foam

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  • Material: High-density polyurethane foam, Quilted zipperized fabric cover
    • Foam with Padded Fabric Cover
    • Fabric: Quilted Jacquard-woven with zipper; British Standard Imported from Indonesia
  • Firmness: The G-Foam is classified as a firm foam mattress. It has a bouncy feel that offers a good dose of support.As comfort is subjective, we recommend trying out our mattresses in person, especially if you’re very particular about the feel of your mattress. This will ensure that you’ll make the best choice for your sleep.
  • Dimension
    Size Width Length


    Thickness /


    Single 36 in 75 / 78 in 4/6/8 in
    Twin 42 in 75 / 78 in 4/6/8 in
    Semi-double 48  in 75 / 78 in 4/6/8 in
    Double 54 in 75 / 78 in 4/6/8 in
    Queen 60 in 75 / 78 in 4/6/8 in
    King 72 in 75 / 78 in 4/6/8 in
  • Warranty: 5 Year Product Warranty
  • Maintenance Information: Do not use heat when washing and drying the removable fabric cover as this can cause shrinkage. Tumble dry only.

For a fuss-free pick that feels ‘just right’, the Salem G-Foam would fit the bill. Its soft-firm feel would suit a lot of sleepers’ comfort preferences and with its friendly price tag, it can definitely be the ideal choice for many.

About Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam mattresses are the top alternatives to spring mattresses, offering a different option for those who do not want to deal with coil springs after a while. These mattresses are made purely of foam from top to bottom.

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Salem G-Foam
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