Delivery Guidelines

In order to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free furniture delivery, we ask that you read the following:

1. Our delivery time is from 9 am onwards. On busy days, delivery might take up to late in the evening.

1.1. We do not specify the time of arrival. Please note that we have a delivery line-up and priority depends on current traffic and location.

1.2 DELIVERY TO BUILDINGS, OFFICES, AND COMPLEXES. Most apartment buildings, condo complexes, office suites prohibit delivery during certain hours. If your building or complex has such restrictions, please let us know when scheduling a delivery.

1.3 Please inform us if your building does not offer a service elevator. Our delivery crew is only required to manually carry items up to the 3rd Floor. We have the right to refuse delivery if the unit is above the 3rd floor, please contact our office if you have any concerns. If this case happens, the items will be delivered to the lobby area only.

2. Subdivision and village entrance fees, and other delivery fees incurred for the delivery to the customer’s address which was not included in the receipt shall be paid upon delivery. You may directly pay your village entrance fee to your village admin and forward us the receipt.

3. Please make sure that someone will be receiving the item/s on the date of delivery.

3.1.  If we have received prior confirmation of delivery but no one is there to receive the order, we will reschedule the delivery. Please note that there will be an additional charge for another delivery.

3.2.  If you wish to reschedule, please advise us at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date. A rescheduling fee may be charged.

4. If ever we could not make the delivery on the scheduled date, we will inform you as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the safety of our delivery team, we reserve the right to cancel or delay deliveries during hazardous weather conditions.

5. Please make sure that you have inspected the items thoroughly before our delivery crew leaves your premises. Our dispatcher makes sure that items are in their best condition and without any damages when delivering your order. However, there are unexpected damages that might be incurred during delivery. While these instances are rare, we do ask our customers to thoroughly inspect the merchandise at the time of arrival and note the comments on the receipt copy of our crew.

Please read more on our Return Policy here.

Upon delivery or arrival of the items to you, we strongly advise, expect, and require customers or its representative to carefully inspect the items for any damages, factory defects, or significant inconsistencies as to the products purchased.

Please understand that we will decline reasons like:

“I am in a hurry and did not fully check the items.”

“Your crew was in a hurry and did not ask us to inspect the items.”

“I was not around or the person who received the items is not authorized when the delivery arrived.”